October 10th, 2008

me and my vulture


Yesterday, a really irritating thing happened at work, negating roughly a third of the time I overworked this week; technically, I shouldn't be here today, and I'm over my maximum hours for this pay period, but Massive Project[tm] needs a QC guru, and I'm it. Today I get a co-worker up to speed on this, since she'll be doing a lot of it next week while I'm gone.

By the way, I will be incommunicado next week; we're down at the farm getting ready for the Gardiner's event, and it will be awesome with awesomesauce, since we haven't had an event at the farm for two(?) years, as the house building tore up a lot of the land. However, this means no posts; have fun reading my back issues while I'm gone; there's some good stuff from the early days that I haven't tagged yet, so play in my archives.

Or not. Anyway.

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