September 24th, 2008

me and my vulture

I will do it my way, but that does not mean your way is not valid...

Ugh; arms - lead. typos - numerous. mood - decidedly weird. post - rambling.

I appreciate whomever of my readers who held back and didn't post massive disagreement with my post yesterday - you are a rare and noble breed, especially on the Intartubes.

There is a strange compulsion that many people have, to demand that everyone like or agree with the same things they like or agree with. It's not a new compulsion; as far back as I can remember, I have run into people who cannot picture any worldview but their own, and who will emphatically insist that you must see things their way, like their likes, and dislike their dislikes. A difference of taste, of opinion, of friends, and it is like the earth has opened up behind you, and you have arrayed yourself with all the forces of Evil-with-a-capital-E, and must therefore be destroyed, or at least harangued until you give in to their way of thinking.

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me and my vulture


Do you know that thing where your foot goes to sleep, and then starts waking up, and it feels like every nerve in your leg is on fire?

My right arm has been doing that for the past hour.  I can use it fine, but holy cow.

Fortunately, my good doctor had the foresight to give me many refills of prescription Lidocaine patches.  She is awesome.  I'm slapping a couple on, and I'm going home now.

Yes, I know this post has no point, but if I don't post pointless self-indulgence every now and then, y'all might start respecting me, and we all know that's going to end in tears.

Evil out!