September 22nd, 2008

me and my vulture

The Magic is in Everything

Thanks to many people, the work weekend at the farm was resounding success, and we have much more space for the event.

LJ roll call of honour:

cathgrace  ...mudded the entire garage bathroom
anselmatthews  ...mowed for seven (SEVEN!) hours and found almost an acre of lawn, in addition to putting up drywall
eleanors_closet ...lopped and lopped and lopped some more in the woods, and did some impressive yardwork
findlaech  ...mowed with the electric mower all around the house, which is no easy task, and I think was the one that took out all the trees attempting to get a foothold in the courtyard)
stringmonkey  ...kept me and my useless hands wonderful company
theblueleader  ...for works unfathomable and generous (without her we would not have most of the drywall) over many weekends

and also Cindy, Kirk (chainsaw!  CHAINSAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!), Jimmy (lopper, trimmer, and hauler of trees), Jeff (trimmer - big, scary, gas-powered trimmer that laughed at locust saplings), Laura, and Isaac and Emmy.  Did I forget anyone (not including my awesome Bob)?  I'm wracking my brains and trying to remember.  Smack me with the name if I forgot you.

And anselmatthews  does, in fact, play piano much better than me.  :)

The farm is so lovely this time of year; I showed Ansel and Catherine and the kids the spring in the woods (it was built up with stone in the 1800s when it was the only source of water), and walked them through part of the woods to the beautiful stream.  Isaac and I think fairies and dragons could live in these woods, because they look just like enchanted woods should look.

I managed the weekend with pain, but with medication to spare (just).  Thank you to all who saw my semi-locked post Thursday for your sympathies; I am waiting today to find out if they finally filled my scrip or not, but I have enough to get me through today, and I am okay.  The Lyrica may be kicking in more, and I am still hopeful.

I think this is because the farm has remarkable healing properties; every special place has magic, and the magic there for me is the restoration of serenity in my soul.  It is quiet (when the mower and chainsaw aren't in use, natch), and each moment brings a gift, whether it's toads and salamanders standing guard on the deck, praying mantises waiting by the door to welcome us, unexpected shooting stars in a night sky so bright with stars that you can see your hands, or a tiny jewel-green hummingbird that pauses for a moment and looks at you with surprise, not expecting you to be sitting by the blooming nasturtiums.

There are wildflowers everywhere - not the big brash ones of summer, but mellower ones that you have to look carefully to notice.  In the early evening, flocks of birds come to the unmown areas of fescue grass and feed on the seed heads, bouncing up and down through the grass as they please.  The woods resound with the calls of catbirds and gnatcatchers, and flocks of turkeys run through the woods (and across the road in front of us).  Squirrels munch intently on the first of the ripe black walnuts.  Everywhere you turn, something is alive and beautiful.

The weather was perfect.

Of course, I forgot to bring the camera.  You'll have to close your eyes and imagine it for youself.