September 11th, 2008

me and my vulture

Is it that day again?

I think humour is a wonderful way to deal with issues so big that sentimental words seem grotesque.  Give me "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" over maudlin speeches on the radio any day.

The British seem to have developed a dark sense of humour over being bombed and such for quite a while (I remember all sorts of bomb scares and actual bombs when I was a child, and was evacuated from buildings so often it became routine), and I think I have that coping mechanism ingrained. 

I remember after the bombings in London a few years ago, I heard the first joke within 2 hours of the event, and it was "Boy, the French must be really pissed about not getting the Olympics".  I lauged, even though my mother and brother were in London, commuting at the time of the bombings.  Heck, my brother probably made a very similar joke.

Let us laugh, and love, and not sit paralyzed with fear and second-guessing.  Life is to be lived.