September 8th, 2008

me and my vulture

I blame Rachel (Ashwell)

Oh, my paws and whiskers!  The coif patterns are finally available for sale on line!

Thanks to kass_rants</lj> , who rocks in the rockingest way possible.

I want everyone to know thatI tend to stay away from political debate in my journal these days - my feelings are static, and will not change, so I don't see any point.  From what I've seen of the tidal wave of political posts over the weekend, no-one else is changing their minds, either, so let's take it as a given that I'm not going to talk politics, except to say that y'all need to vote, no matter what. 

(That's John Adams in the icon, btw.  That's as far as I'm going.)

I had a lovely weekend - theblueleader</lj>  and our friend Stumpy came over and helped amazingly on getting things ready for our Gardiner's event in October.  The garage bathroom is now drywalled and taped/mudded, thanks to theblueleader</lj> , and part of the back meadow is mowed, thanks to Stumpy.  Awesome stuff, guys, thank you!  We got some larger branches cleared in the woods area so we can go over it with the field mower (boo undergrowth), we got the rest of the insulation in the ground floor, and the baffles in upstairs in the garage, and I hung the mirror in the guest bedroom  (FYI, Hercules Hooks are da bomb).  I'm rather proud of the mirror - I got it hung all by myself, and even put the hanging hardware on the mirror.  Since I'm not exactly handy with the power tools (in this case, the drill), I was delighted by the outcome.

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