July 24th, 2008

me and my vulture

bullet-free update


Party stuff:  The party starts at 7pm Tuesday (8/5), but the speech stuff and the prizes will be done at 8pm.  This is to give me some time to set up, for people to arrive, and for me to run around and look at people's pretty, pretty clothes.  Bring a chair if you want to sit - there will not be much of any kind of setup other than tables for the food.  Food will be sweets and sodas, and I plan to have a gluten-free tray or two (they will be marked). 

I got a request to do a post in more detail on my braiding and sewing of trim; I need to take some pictures to do that properly, so I'll probably do that some time after Pennsic.

My apartment has reached epic Clean House proportions of clutter; I have lost sight of the carpet in three rooms.  This will hopefully change after Pennsic.  The shoe population has got out of hand and is starting to graze on the empty shoe boxes in the back; I must cull. I like to bag up bunches of stuff for the thrift store every six months or so - it's all stuff that won't sell at a yard sale anyway, so getting the tax write-off makes more sense.  And it's the best kind of recycling.  

I have been making little piles of stuff that I've bought for various collections - mother of pearl and antique bone buttons, creche stuff, WWII and 1940s ephemera - I need to actually get some of that under control and in their respective boxes/display shelves.  The side table in the sitting room is starting to disappear under kitschy Christmas stuff.

The on-line shop is just not happening for a bit - I can't work out how to effectively get the patterns on line so they can be seen for purchase without people just taking the image and copying it.  There is a mistaken idea that if it's on the web it's free for the taking (and copyright notices don't seem to stop that), so I don't really have much faith that people will actually buy the patterns as opposed to downloading the pictures (albeit in a less clear and not full-sized state) from the shop web site.  Sorry.

Which reminds me - I need to get the paper catalog off to Plimoth - they are interested in carrying my patterns.  I was holding off until I had a couple of cushion patterns as well, but I'll do that later and send the patterns out now.  The news from Lilies War was that the coiling vine patterns seem the most popular.

I did finally get my copy of "Plimoth Life", and saw my picture.  I squee'd.

I'm also squee-ish because the Attack Laurel Party is being covered by the Pennsic Independent.  I haz made the Society Pages!  I am a CelebuLaurel!

Um, yeah.  I'm being exciting today, aren't I? 
me and my vulture

I love my friends!

Oh .  My.  God.  You guys are so amazing - the offers for help with my pattern selling are just leaving me speechless with joy.

I just like making patterns - I've never been totally happy with the idea of running my own shop - tax, business, and other issues (quite aside from vulnerabilities with the design) have been stressing me out.  I'm a bad salesperson, and I just want to spend my time designing.  The opportunities you have offered me are overwhelming in their wonderfulness.

That meme about people online who have changed my life?  It can't express how much I have received from everyone who has offered help, advice, and solutions to the things that scare and bother me.

I am humbled and thankful from the bottom of my heart at having such wonderful friends.

Big wet sloppy virtual kisses to all of you.