June 26th, 2008


State of the Unit

Home sick again and being boring - back on Monday.

The pleating technique?  Holy fluffy skirts, Batman!  It stands out as much as a cartridge pleated skirt, but has the bound waistband and even pleats of the pictures and the extant piece from the Czech Republic.  Pictures next week.

I'm working on adding the guards to the pink skirt right now, since I want to wear it to Storvik Novice.

The sewing is fine, but a bit painful, as I am still having issues from having corticosteroids injected into my elbows on Tuesday.  Either that, or I have Lyme Disease - I need to make another doctor appointment, which I so love doing, dammit.


Hey - 500~ friends? - you guys rock.  I'll be funny/interesting/informative Monday.  Until then, try not to kill and eat anyone.