June 23rd, 2008

me and my vulture

Stuff-a-rama (or: I'm too lazy to think up a clever title for this entry)

Read the comments from my last post, and see why I love writing this blog:

gwacie suggests the sheer "skirt" on the Countess of Southampton might be an apron - I will check (she might be right - which introduces an interesting line of enquiry about why the apron would be tied like that, instead of across the waistline).

mmcnealy has more skirt pictures, and after I ungraciously said I didn't need to see them, I now hope she will post the links, since

ciorstan has given us some awesome links to the Lobkowicz gown, with a picture of the top of the petticoat (though I can't see clearly enough to know how the top fastening goes, it looks like tapes - I just don't know whether they're attached, or tied through lacing holes), showing a connection between the Low Countries, Spain, and Germany in skirt construction. 

Y'all have to understand that I'm an amateur when it comes to knowing about costume - sure, I've studied it for ages, but all that tells me is how little I know of details big and small - including what the top of a darn petticoat should look like.  So, posting here, I get all kinds of input.

Bless the Intarwebs, and all who sail upon them.

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