June 19th, 2008

me and my vulture

Petticoat Junction (warning: High-rez image heavy)

Important Note:  All pictures in this entry are not open for anyone else to use, as they are scanned from my books for purposes specific to this post.  I could not find them anywhere on-line, and I need them to illustrate my wordy and overly-syllabic thoughts.  Please do not copy them, or use them on your web sites or diaries.  If you simply must have a copy of them, follow the notes to the end of the entry and locate the books so that the authors can make more money and write more wonderful books.

Thank you.

As my regular readers know, I am currently researching petticoats and points (thanks to

kass_rants), and trying to find plausible, defensible methods of fastening petticoats in such a way that they look like the originals when worn.  As part of this, and thanks to lizapalooza's comments about petticoat waistbands, I have been looking at how I make my petticoats.  For the current petticoat project, I will be experimenting with a (new to me) way of making the waistband that more closely resembles the very few examples of waistbands that I can find.

It started with this picture:  



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