May 7th, 2008

me and my vulture

I can see a little bit clearer now...

 My head hurts.  Other things hurt (including my hips - weird, and not conducive to deep sleep).  I'm tired.

I spent yesterday at home, because of the hurt, and I would have taken today, too, except for needing to do some stuff on my work computer.

The red bodies are almost done with the lacing, and now I just have to hem the two skirts, because I always make them a tad too long.  Thank you to everyone who has chimed in on the lacing discussion, and added more to it through their own posts (looking at you, heatermcca- your pictures rock, and I may be begging you for permission to use them in my article) - I am combing through my library to gather my evidence and my thoughts.

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