April 29th, 2008

me and my vulture

The circle of life (and Spanish)

The Freescholar/White Scarf meet was such fun, I was wistfully thinking about slapping on some armour tonight and fighting, damn the consequences.

Alas, pain last night, all night, and bad enough this morning that I am uncontrollably close to tears and thinking I'm ugly and stupid (side effect of no sleep) means no fighting unless things get better.  

Fuck this shit.  I am somewhat tired.

I did, however, enjoy my discussion with kass_rants in yesterday's post's comments section this morning (make sense?  Don't worry) was fun - it's the little things that keep you going, sometimes.  I love it when people question my stuff, as long as they're not assholes about it (which the lovely Kass never is); it forces me to keep evolving my work and refining it - I never want to stop and say "that's good enough" - that's the day I fossilize into place.

But the meet this weekend - I has pictures!  Typing hurts, but it was fun, I saw lots of people, and I'm really impressed by our younger generation.  I know I'm an irrelevant old fogey when it comes to rapier, but I do care about where we're going, and I appreciate it when people at least pretend they're listening to me.  :)


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