April 9th, 2008

me and my vulture

Stuffity stuffity stuff.

Hey, guys, thanks for the stories and comments on my previous post. I am sorry I haven't commented back, but I had a bad day yesterday, and limited myself to washing the sheets (did you know, you can freshen feather pillows by putting them in the dryer on "low" and throwing in a couple of dryer sheets? - assuming you're not allergic to any of those things, of course) and tidying the sitting room, which is a mess.

I have too much stuff. I mean, I use all the stuff I have (mostly), and I go through my stuff regularly to cull and donate the stuff I don't use, but the stuff, she is taking over my life. I no longer fit into a 1,100 square-foot apartment. And believe me, it's mostly my stuff, not Bob's. I even have an entire studio room chock full of stuff. Some of it is collections stuff, like my skulls, vintage clothes, and magazines/ephemera, some of it is art stuff (in other words, stuff to make other stuff), a large part is books (many of them on how to make stuff from other stuff), and, of course, my toy animals.

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