March 27th, 2008

me and my vulture

Rings on my fingers, rings on my toes...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All links have been removed from this entry because of a possible virus infiltration on one of the websites.  The links have been restored, since the Sundance catalog doesn't trip any of my work filters, but don't click on any links in the comments, please.) (I don't delete comments, FYI.  It's about copyright.  Get me drunk sometime and ask me about it - if you care.)

Oooh , tapped out, I am.  I know I'm at the edge when the radio plays the Macarena, and I muse on the fact that the stupid Macarena Dance is the closest thing our world has had to a really unifying interest, and instead of giggling at the idea, I get teary-eyed and sentimental.  It's a good thing I don't work on Fridays - I need a little retail therapy.

(...which will be mostly food shopping, but I might slip in a visit to the antique mall next to my grocery store for a little emotional relaxation.)

But, squee!   I got my new Attack Laurel wreaths from acanthusleaf   ! They are very cool (and spiky), and will be available for purchase soon (Ms. Cavanaugh has promised to let me know when, so I can pimp her stuff here).

(I bent the prongs out a little so they're not facing forward as much, btw.  They shape beautifully, thank you!!!!)

They are marvellous, and I look forward to wearing them at my next event (which will probably be Night on the Town).

I like jewelry - I have several rings on right now, three of which are from the Sundance catalog, two of which are my engagement and wedding rings, and the other is my very last ring from Von Roessler (who stopped selling *sniffle*). I gave away the other two I bought. Bob got me this one and this one, I got this one.

I like unusual rings that also work for period wear, and I got this oneto substitute as a wedding ring, since my diamond isn't correct. I particularly like rings that are just a little step further from a single stone on a plain band, but fit the Elizabethan aesthetic, like this one, this one, and this one. The catalog has lots more, and rings are one of the things I can't make.

Of course, there are jewellers that make period reproduction and inspired jewelry ( acanthusleaf    being one of them - very nice rings!), but it's also fun to find some cool things in a modern catalog.

Yes, I also make jewelry (I'm wearing two bracelets and a necklace I made right now), but I also like buying it, and the more delicate it is, the better (especially rings - I have very small hands). I have some of my mother's jewelry, including some pieces with historic as well as cash value, but I've steadily been amassing a collection of my own.

Don't get me wrong, I like costume jewelry, too, but I'm at the point now where I like to have some more expensive pieces at my disposal. Bob has bought me some, I've bought me some, and I have managed to get rid of most of the really cheap stuff (though I hang on to the vintage bits) and plastic.

I'm a picky cuss when it comes to accessories, too. I like that, I don't like that other thing, and there's no real rhyme or reason to it - just that I'll know it when I see it. I really am difficult - I won't like something that is almost identical to something I do like, because some minor design detail has been altered.

For instance, I love these earrings, but these, though very similar, leave me cold.

(Hear that sound? That's Bob heaving a sigh of relief that I don't like the $1k+ earrings as much as the $400 ones.)

It's silly, really - I don't need tons of jewelry, but unlike shoes, the valuable stuff is at least a small investment.  Better than that, it's shiny.

I like shiny.  In fact, the state I'm in right now, you're lucky you got this coherent of a post - it could well have been "shiiiiiiinnnyyyyyy... *drool* ...*snore*...[sound of keyboard shorting out]".