March 26th, 2008

me and my vulture

Buildings, flora, and fauna (many, many pictures).

Every time I think I have it rough, I need to remind myself that of the two medEvacs I've seen in the last five days, I have not been actively involved in either, so things could be worse.  It was still tiresome to spend twenty minutes at a standstill on 95 this morning, though.

However, I am close to exhaustion, despite a reasonably smooth night last night (I only woke up about five times).  My eyes feel like I've been crying (I haven't, just so you all don't worry about me), and my arms - oh, my arms.

I have a car again.  Unfortunately, while it did have a dead battery, it also has a mostly broken clutch, but Bob and I drove to and from Goochland (about 3.5 hours each way) yesterday to pick it up so our local mechanic can work on it.  Driving down was nice, but driving back with a cranky clutch (I have to pump it to change gears) was tiring, to say the least.  My arms are singing "I hate you" at very high volume today.  But I have my car back, and I have things to do, people to kill.

I kid, I kid.  But Bob's birthday party is this weekend, and while most of the stuff is now in place, bought, and set up, I still need to get things like, oh, food.  And beer.  Beer is good.

But enough about that.  We have a garage!
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