March 24th, 2008

HMS fail


My car died this weekend, right before the event.  It is currently at a mechanic's in Goochland, and I am home without a car.

(Apparently the battery died.  Could have fooled me; the clutch had no backpressure, I couldn't shift, and the damn thing made a "pop" sound when I tried to start it - none of that has happened when I've had a dead battery before.)

Hopefully it will be fixed so I can go down with Bob tomorrow and get it, and only lose two days of vacation.  Not to mention having to rearrange doctor's appointments.

...And being at home on my excruciatingly slow dial-up, so I can't show y'all pictures (I has them).  I have pictures of the new garage (now with extra added studio upstairs!), and pictures of the death-defyingly cute new project which I finally got pictures of.

Just so you aren't in suspense any longer, it's a reproduction of the frog needlecase in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA -sorry about the lack of link, but dial-up - can't go flitting about picking up links like I can at work.  There's a link on my web site).  I'll have pictures of it Wednesday - it turned out beautifully, and was relatively quick for one of my projects, only taking 81 hours (not including the 2-3 hours spent drafting the pattern and the 3 hours or so making the mock-up).

The event (Defending the Gate) went very well, and I'll be writing about that more on Wednesday, too.  I really enjoyed the judging format, and I have to say, even though I complain about the number of people who don't seem to want to go further than "medical scrubs and pajama pants" (a joke for those who recognize it), there are some amazingly talented people in this kingdom.

(Ugh.  While I'm hating my dial-up, I'm also reminded that my home keyboard suuuuucks; I keep having to re-type stuff.  I need a new one of everything.)

A random question - does anyone know who I need to contact at Pennsic to rent one of the A&S tents in the evening?  I haz ideaz.

So - this post is short and boring, you may or may not get a post from me tomorrow, but I swear I'll make it all up to you guys on Wednesday with the pretty, pretty pictures.

Sounds good?  Good.