March 5th, 2008

me and my vulture

Just a note...

Thank you everyone for the mass of comments yesterday.

Just a reminder; no matter how much you rabidly disagree with me or the other commenters, please keep things civil.  We got a little close to the edge a couple of times yesterday. 

An opinion is an opinion, and worth the pixels it's made of.  The right to use the back button is inalienable; use it if it is becoming difficult to keep it friendly in my little salon des commentes.

More substantial post later, and again, thanks for all the fascinating viewpoints!
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me and my vulture

Cheerful (it are documentable!)

The rain has stopped; the sun has come out.

My doctor's appointment yesterday was very hopeful; her first theory about why the nerves in my arms might be so screwed up is a possibility. I have to get some tests done, so we'll see, but for now I have a scrip for Lidocaine patches, and a more positive outlook on things.

Mind you, nothing happens fast, but at least this course of action doesn't involve injections into my spine. In fact, she agrees with me that it is very unlikely this is at all neck related, whereas my previous doctor would not consider anything else. It's a universal truth that people will always insist that your problem is always solved by whatever they are an expert in.

Years of research has shown me that this is often not the case - with my arms, or with historical work.

Speaking of which, I had promised I would put up some links to good approaches to the thorny question of writing good documentation, so here you go:

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