March 3rd, 2008

me and my vulture


 Alas, I was going to write this great pithy entry about how people don't know how to "lose" with grace any more, but it will have to wait.  I have a nauseous headache, and I am trying very hard not to throw up (and waste my meds), so I don't really have room for inspiration.

Rest assured, the post had nothing to do with what I saw this weekend - everything was great (sorry, pinkleader, I was a slacker and didn't get pictures), but the result of a fun conversation I had with isenglass, as I was distracting her from judging.  I was delighted about the level of workmanship I saw and the awards given out, so congratulations to everyone - you rocked.

I spent last night fighting off zombies in my dreams - I kept getting trapped in weird places, and nowhere was safe.  I woke up with the killer headache.

I am trying for the third time to see a new doctor on Tuesday - the first time, they sent me to the wrong hospital, the second time they gave me the wrong date (and I'm a bit pissed off about that, since they didn't call me at any time even after I missed my appointment, so instead of simply being able to reschedule, I went up to Baltimore completely clueless that the appointment I thought was on Thursday had actually been on Tuesday, thereby wasting time and money that could have been saved if they'd bothered to actually, y'know, CALL ME THE FUCK UP AT ANY TIME).  I'm not entirely sure at this point that I want this doctor if her office staff is this unhelpful (and completely unapologetic about it), but I may as well actually meet her.

...Assuming something doesn't go wrong with this appointment; I wouldn't be surprised to come in and find out she didn't come in, but no-one bothered to call.  Oh, hell, it's only a half-hour drive into the city, $4 in parking fees, and two hours of sick leave I could have saved each time, right?  

I don't like the idea of a doctor's office that won't do reminder calls or follow-up calls; it seems like another step downwards on the declining levels of patient care I've witnessed over the years even as my insurance and out-of-pocket costs steadily climb.  Unfortunately, I'm limited as to the number of pain management therapists in this area, and they know it, so the indifference is something I'm supposed to put up with, I guess.

Still, I really hate it when the office staff act like they really couldn't care less whether you live or die; it's a service job just like any other, and the barest amount of response instead of a slack-jawed stare would be nice.

Okay, now I've managed to make myself nauseated and angry, so I'm going to stop.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more manageable.