February 26th, 2008

me and my vulture

I've Got Blisters on my Fingers!

I do.  I've been practicing a new mandolin part for a song, and my soft little fingers have lost their playing callouses.  I have two neat (and exquisitely sensitive) oval blisters on my left index and middle fingers.  

If I keep playing, they will harden (they're deep; they won't burst). 

In other news - holy bovine of Krishna!  I have over 400 people signed up to read this thing!  Squishy hugs all around!

Hopefully yesterday's post hasn't lost me any readers.  :)

My new project is going well - I drafted the pattern (almost exactly the same size as the original), cut out a mockup and sewed it together last night and it is omg! cute!

It is a cute of great cuteness.  It is cutey mccuteypants.  It's frikkin' adorable.

I also stained (painted) the fabric of the mockup to look like the final silk.  No pictures yet - I'll post them all on my website when I'm done.  I figure it will take roughly fifty hours, so you won't have too long to wait.

Helter Skelter, baby.