January 15th, 2008


Grumpy (and busy, so short entry)

So,  now elizabethnmafia  knows why I went to 12th Night instead of up to Plimoth.  She got my speech, my medallion, and I'll be doing her scroll.  The ceremony went well, and she seemed pleased.  A job well done all around.

All said and done, it was a fun event, though looking at her photo set, I am one ugly, ugly person.  I'm hoping it's just that I don't take a good photo, and not that I'm really that ugly.  I'll need to do some internal readjustment if that's the case.

This is what my extremely irritating ruff looked like:
Collapse )
UPDATE:  I am suddenly less busy (meeting got cancelled), so I can say some more about the weekend, and thank you all for the nice words.  I think it was just a bit of a shock, since I had thought I looked pretty good, despite my hair not working out the way I wanted (I was going to do rats, but an evil cowlick thwarted my plans).

The event was great fun, and I hope we do more 12th Nights in hotels - I simply adore being able to slide up to my room to drop stuff off and rest.  And I'm not as bad-tempered about the mask competition as I sound - it was a last-minute decision to enter, and the winning mask was very artistic.

Even the courts were fun - Logan is never going to be a "pomp and circumstance" kind of King, but he was affectionate, funny, and held it together very well, especially considering that half the awards to be given out were no-shows (I'd have been pretty crazed at that point).  I enjoyed myself, and I was sitting up front (where the air-conditioning was).  I was really impressed by how well he handled most of that.  I know he's not the most popular of kings for some people, but he did really well this weekend.

Despite how I felt about myself, Bob looked amazing.  Even he, Mr. Oblivious, noticed the women looking.  He assumed it was because the coat looked good, and I had to inform him again, that it was because he looked drool-worthy, and everybody's crazy for a sharp dressed man.  :)