January 8th, 2008


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 I had a complete meltdown on Bob within minutes of him arriving home yesterday - I really need to make sure I don't go sleepless too often.  The prospect of a million weekends (slight exaggeration) with a gazillion (slightly bigger exaggeration) things to do and not a second of free time (gross exaggeration for comedic effect) made me go on a short little psychotic break.

I like being busy, that's the irony.  However, I'm just a little behind in my organizing, and I need at least one day a week to do nothing so I can recharge (or polish my spoons, or whatever half-assed metaphor you want to use for needing to rest my body so I don't abuse the coedine too much).  The headache I have today has nothing to do with being a giant self-centered drama-llama, not at all.

But I promised pictures, and an update on house things.

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