December 12th, 2007

me and my vulture

Give because you're a selfish, selfish **!@!#!!

I managed to turn off my alarm in my sleep sometime during the night; fortunately, I only overslept by about 20 minutes, so I wasn't late for work. It does seem, however, that my subconscious is now in league with my arms, and is trying to get me to stay home and not work them until they hurt.

Fat chance. Too much to do. I am going gently on the embroidery, though - no sense in screwing myself up to the point I can't do anything, especially since I plan on going dancing at Orpheus again on Friday (I will definitely be there - it remains to be seen who else will be, since it was a bit of a last minute thing).

But - my last thoughts in my trilogy on charity (less exciting than Star Wars, more amusing than Species III) were nicely introduced in my comments section yesterday when lorebubeck wrote about the Friends episode where Joey proved to Phoebe that all charity has a healthy dose of self-interest in it, even if it's just that it makes you feel good.

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