December 6th, 2007

me and my vulture


Well, I got home safely, and I stayed there.  The Government offers me unscheduled leave, I'm taking it.  Besides, it's going to take me half the morning to unfreeze my car.  

The disadvantage to owning a roadster and having a work schedule that starts at 5am is that none of the roads have ever melted from the night before, so... whooshSkidSlide!  Squeak in tones only audible to bats and small rodents!

So I stay home.  I have to go out later regardless, as my prescription is waiting for me at Target, and this is my own fault, since I was too lazy to go out Tuesday and get it.  I am at least putting off trekking to the post office until Monday, because I need to get new pics of the house (and the lack of the old one), print them out, and include them in the massive (and probably very expensive) package I am sending to my mother.  In London.

Yeah, that should get there sometime in February.  Fortunately, I bought my nephew's clothes a size too big, so he still won't have grown out of them (I think).

I was thinking last night about the on-line shop, and I had a massive panic attack.  I think what I'm most a-feared of is not being able to get things to people in a timely manner.  I don't know why I should be afraid of this, but it does completely make sense, considering my people-pleasing tendencies (I know!  Aren't you shocked?  But I do have them), that letting customers down would be one of my biggest fears.  I really have been putting it off for no reason except that I'm skeered of what I don't know, and unsure whether I'll be able to do it right.

Yes, those of you who have been selling on-line for years may feel free to snicker at me now.  I am so pathetic.

One of the problems is that I'm not constantly on-line at home; I'm in the habit of checking my e-mail once every three days or so, because it's such a pain to get on with dial-up.  Anything that needs more constant attention has to be run through work, because my interwebs is always there.

When we move (someday), I'll be getting DSL or something, so I can stay plugged in (and read my beloved customers_suck whenever I want, yay!) all the time, so catching orders won't be a big deal.  But postage?  I need to work that out.  And stock?  What if I can't keep things in stock and have to make people wait?

And what if I'm deluding myself, and my stock will sit, dusty and unloved, and I never get any orders?

(Which reminds me - buy Attack Laurel stuff - it's great for passive-aggressive Twelfth Night gifts!)

In the end, it will happen, and it will happen soon - my protege (hi, Brian!) is bugging me quite insistently, as is Bob.  I can't hold out much longer.

...I'd better refill my anti-anxiety medication.  8)