November 29th, 2007

lj ranting

I luvz da Intarwebs

...but not for the same reason I love my mother. The Intarwebs rarely gives me money (despite the importuning of Doctor Robert Mugumbedingfield, who has promised me many millions, but refuses to send cash). No, I love the 'webs because on a day when I am not yet ready to write the essay I have had rolling around in my head, but refuse to either witter on about my birthday (all this week! Memememememe!) or do the current meme making the rounds, I can shamelessly steal ideas for posts from other sites.

Like Pajiba. Good reviews, by the way. While I am more forgiving than them when it comes to my cinematic choices, they make sure that I am usually safely steered away from really awful movies until they show up on cable, when I have the freedom to yell anything I want at the screen without having a full popcorn bucket hurled at my head.

My current wholesale idea theft is from Pajiba's current comment diversion about pet peeves. The format is simple - Cinematic, Internet, and Other - but offers so much in the way of foamy-mouthed opportunities for hating. And rolling.

The commenters mostly stuck to one of each, but a few threw out a short list, and hey, it's my journal, and you're not getting your money's worth if I'm not at least a five minute read and one cut for length, so even though I only have a current couple or so for each category, I'm going to ramble on until the bile starts to short out my keyboard.

I love blogging. It's so self indulgent.

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