November 27th, 2007

sick cat


I  gave up about 300 entries back on my friend's list; sorry.  I hope you all had a manageable Thanksgiving, or at least that the emotional damage from insane relatives is something you can laugh at later.

Alternatively, you might have had a lovely time.  Me, I got a cold.  Still have it.

I don't get respiratory infections very often (like maybe once every three years or so), so I have no idea how to handle being a giant coughing ball of snot, but I have discovered that cold pills make me anxious and slightly depressed (probably an interaction with my normal meds).  Still, colds don't last forever, and if that's all I have to complain about, I'm not really in the running for World's Biggest Martyr, am I?

Jamestown was remarkably good; I got none of the idiocy I sometimes get, and everyone was very engaged in the idea of learning about history.  I didn't have to work as hard as usual, since Bob was doing the Governor's house with me, and he took over when I started losing my voice.  He is the bestest[tm], and very good with kids.  The table looked extra spiff, and I have given the fort a hand-hemmed tablecloth I made last year specifically for use there.  

The new costume person is great fun (and reminds me in a good way of my brother), and he and I and Cindy have been talking about how to do the bed in the G house, as well as furnishing the house with silver/pewter goods for display, cushions, table carpet, all kinds of stuff.  We had a funny conversation about how I adore doing research for J'town because when I contact museums, I get an immediate positive reaction, and Cindy said she always felt weird doing that, because she thought they wouldn't care.  To the contrary - museums love it when other museums contact them - it's grant-funding gold to be able to mention that - and I encouraged her to play it up (since she is in charge of both Jamestown and Yorktown, now).  Heck, I'm just a lowly assistant, and I get treated nice.  :)

We stopped by the farm to drop off a couple of things, and I was extremely pissed off to find thousands of ladybugs clustered all over our sitting room windows - they're getting in through the untrimmed doors.  So we spent Saturday morning vacuuming up the bastards, and checking all the nooks and crannies where they had accumulated.  They even clustered all over the French doors we haven't put up yet.  Once the trim is on, they won't have as many entry points, but I'm sure we'll have to do some mopping up of stragglers in December when we go down again.

Speaking of December, it's nearly here, and that means it's almost my birthday.  This Thursday, Bob and I will be  amusing ourselves at the Arundel Mills Dave and Buster's (I still have my gold card) from 7:30pm (ish) to whenever we get tired (as I don't work on Fridays, and Friday and Saturday night are crowded).  Anyone who wants to join us is welcome.  

I am thinking about going dancing on Friday night, but I'll have to see who's available.  And Bob is taking me antique shopping on Saturday.  I am such a birthday hog.  :)