November 21st, 2007

me and my vulture

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Interesting responses to my post yesterday.  Thank you to those who got the point of my post and saw that I was writing about the commenters, not the story itself.

Whatever the outcome of this particular idiot story, what horrified me was the commenters who decided that the brain-dead neighbours should be punished by the law, and that a law should be made if there wasn't one, because there SHOULD be one, and if that doesn't work, then everyone should go over to their house and work them over in the most painful and violent way possible.  They didn't have any involvement in the matter, but by God, they were going to GET involved and smack a bitch!

This should worry all of you.  It certainly worries me.  Bad judgement makes bad laws, and hasty actions frequently lead to fatal consequences.

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me and my vulture

Eat Drink and be Excellent to Each Other

 I'm off until Tuesday.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and don't go too crazy!

I'm sure I'll have stories to tell about Foods and Feasts at Jamestown, and the sore throat I am currently getting.   *joy*

I've enjoyed the comments over the past two posts - keep 'em coming.  :)