November 19th, 2007

me and my vulture

A vacation...

...was it a vacation?  It didn't feel like much of one, except for not having to get up at 5am every morning.

Yes, I've been off work for a week, and since I only briefly look at my computer at home, I didn't actually update or anything.  Sorry.

As some of you have seen from

sircorby 's pictures (, the old house came down the weekend before last, with much entertainment and silliness, and amazingly, no-one got hurt.  

(I forgot my camera, and he graciously let me use his to document the historic-oid occasion.  Thanks, Corby!)

The old house is now a pile of "to burn" wood and a smoothed-out  area of dirt behind the new house.  All that's left is the oldest slate chimney.  And the goofy mural painted on it.  The Buckingham Beacon is doing a story on it (and we got a few hints that they'd like us to volunteer with them when we move down there - great, a new wardrobe to make, ugh), and so Bob sent them a lovely informative letter and a few pictures.

I spent Tuesday through Friday setting up the shop for Holiday Faire and making sure theblueleader 's prize setup was all in place.  The prize went extremely well, and I almost hope it could be a model for future prizes, but we'll see (at the very least, I'm hoping the little paper flags will become a "thing to do", since it ups the crowd energy when they have flags to wave).  Everyone pitched in and made it a fabulous time - it was definitely a group effort, and I am very grateful to everyone who volunteered to help.  It really paid off, since she had a great time, we all had a great time, and she fought brilliantly.

Not so brilliant was the money-making side of the matter - I did okay, but not as well as I was hoping, and not quite as well as last year.  Sadly, it seemed like people weren't shopping as much, though I did sell all but one of my hats, and the hat pins and feathers did well.  While I sold a few higher price pieces of jewelry, there was a lot of looking and admiring, but not much buying from the general public (EDIT:  My friends and people I know bought quite a bit - just not random shoppers.  And my friends, lovely though they are, can't hope to keep me afloat financially.  :)).  I will have to go on-line.  

That's all the energy I've got for this post - more later.