November 5th, 2007


Lovely Weekend

Time change and lack of sticking to my gluten-free diet (I must get back on it!) kicking my butt.  Plus, Bob is really sick, so he's snoring loud enough I can hear it through my ear plugs.  No sleep last night for me.

Well, I dozed on the sofa, but since I couldn't find my portable alarm clock, I was paranoid about oversleeping, so woke up every twenty minutes or so to check the clock.  Ugh.

The weekend was fab - I have pictures from the wedding, which I'll post tomorrow (haven't downloaded from the camera), and I got to wear my beautiful cocktail dress with the extremely distracting neckline (covered by my yummy 

theodorad -supplied Pashmina most of the evening, since I was chilly), and halowenslut looked like Veronica Lake - just gorgeous.  Great site, great food, great cake, and great friends.  Unfortunately, someone got their car towed (not us), so we contributed to the whip-round to pay for the towing fee.  But other than that, it was lovely.

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