October 29th, 2007


Farewell (but not completely) to the Cat's Perch Inn

Warning!  This entry is somewhat (okay, very) image-heavy.

Also, Warning for the Phobic:  There is a picture of a large wolf spider in the wildlife pictures at the end. 

The final destruction did not happen (though gutting did).  Rain, lovely, moist, life-giving, infuriating rain negated any possiblity of using a front-loader in the massive amounts of mud, unless we wanted a construction vehicle doing triple axels Blades of Glory-style right next to the new house.  No hole could be dug, and there's still a folorn shell of a house standing next to the new one.

In other words, when the machine rental guy calls up and says "uh, you might not want to do this", listen.

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