October 24th, 2007

me and my vulture

From cheerful to grumpy in 30 seconds or less...

 ...but fortunately not that grumpy.  I just hate driving to work in the rain, since all the other cars seem to be designed to throw up as much road spray as possible (seriously, I'm getting less blinding spray from semis), and this retarded brake-hard-when-the-rain-starts!!!omgwtfbbq!!! thing is getting old.  My arms hurt (all my joints hurt!), and I'm a mite lonely, since Bob is down at the farm preparing for the weekend o' destruction.  Still, can't bitch about the rain too much, eh?

And I've finally updated my web site!  Go here to see what's new:

There's actually quite a bit of new stuff, but like it says in the update, I've been working on this update for so long, I've forgotten which pictures are new and which are old.  Go peruse (or not, it's not like I'm paying you or anything) and amuse yourself for a bit.  Roomba the Axe-wielding Italian Courtesan from Scotland (or Hell) has not made her debut in the halls of the Attack Laurel Academy yet, but she probably will.  I have some plans for a couple of new "classes" to be uploaded for your "education" soon-ish.

I ordered cotton twill and green wool for my bed cover; I have to get over to Staples so I can make some enlargements to help me with charting the design.  Since the original is a hanging, I need to design the side panels from scratch, which should be fun.

And that's it for today.  Still grumpy, but not overly so.  Cloudy, clearing later, highs courtesy of prescription painkillers.