October 23rd, 2007


When I was 'prenticed in Plimoth...

Holy cow.  Second verse, better than the first.  Plimoth was great.  This time I brought offerings; linen lacing cords for Jill (head of the wardrobe department), and copies of various sketches and patterns for Tricia (who was nice enough to like the ones I showed her last time).

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All this talk of embroidery reminds me that I do actually know what my next embroidery project will be - I committed to doing the SCA demo at Maryland Sheep and Wool next May, and I'll be working on an embroidered bedspread in green wool on linen cotton (shhh!  Can't afford a bedspread-sized chunk of linen twill) twill.  I know the piece I'll be working from, but I still have to chart it out (not to mention buying the materials).  It is nominally crewel-work, but late 16th/early 17th century crewel-work, which ends up being remarkably similar to silk embroidery, but done in wool (wool-work is more common for household furnishings, but there is one 17th century jacket in the V&A that is done in monochrome red wool, and is very pretty).  A couple of the stitches I have learned up at Plimoth will be invaluable as I work this new project.  I'm quite excited, now that I've remembered.  I love having something new to work on.