October 9th, 2007

me and my vulture

Henley Regalia

A  fine weekend, a busy day today.

I bought an XL child's henley at Target yesterday, in a colour I do not normally wear.  As a result, I almost wore green to work today, but couldn't quite make myself do it.  This will not, however, stop me from going to Target this afternoon and getting two or three more children's henleys in various colours, because they don't have any in adult sizes right now, and Target's size L child is my size (I got an XL yesterday, but it's loose, so I want to get a more fitted one).  They don't have black (they rarely do in kid's sizes), but their green is nice, and who knows, I might decide to wear it out and about.  That, and Victoria's Secret's henleys are almost three times the price (yay, children's clothes pricing!).

I've worn almost nothing but black and black-patterned clothes for over 10 years now.  I have a pale green Laura Ashley dress, and a white dress, but it's usually all black, all the time.  I do like my camouflage skirt, though, and it may be a gateway for a little more colour with the black in my wardrobe.

I feel weird wearing anything else, and then I have to worry about coordinating.  Fortunately, black goes with everything, even my new green super-soft henley.

I love henleys; the button front means it can be low-cut or high-cut, I can layer it with a tank top or camisole, and it's just... I don't know, more tailored than just a t-shirt.  And the kid's ones at Target have a lovely satin-bound label that doesn't scratch, nice detailing, are long in the body (the way I currently like - I prefer long ruched up rather than cropped, which I wore for years and got tired of), and very soft.

BTW, I'm not anything special or tiny for wearing children's clothing, I'm just short.  Target's sizing means that their child's XL is more like an adult woman's medium, and the L is a small.  In stretchy tops, this is ideal for me, since they're cut a little shorter through the body.  I have long-looking legs at the expense of a short stubby torso - most clothes don't fit through the body.  I love kid's options.

I don't have small boobs, either - kid's clothes are just getting larger, like all other sizes.  I have vintage dresses that put me at a size 16 - one size larger in 1950s sizes than Marilyn Monroe - and in modern vanity sizing I'm an 8 - a 10 if I want things to fit softly, and a 12 if I want the skirt to hang low on my hips (I have wide hips), but I can cram into a size 6, no problem (I just look a little too stuffed sausage-shaped for my taste).  I wear size small tops, especially knit tops, because everything else is too baggy.  I'm a 36B-C.  Clothes are getting bigger while sizes get smaller.

Mind you, the tiny will always be with us - I keep making the mistake of picking up XS size clothes and wondering why they're so tight under the arms.  I always see great piles of XS clothing in the clearance racks, and I wonder whether the buyers ever consider that the average person shopping at Target is normal to fluffy size, and the teenagers are all at Abercrombie and Fitch (either buying or shoplifting).  Target is for us adults who have learned to appreciate reasonably priced clothing, not teenagers for whom the label is everything.

Anyway, I'm buying a couple more henleys today after work.  Then I'm going to go pick up my reserved copy of 28 Weeks Later.