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Halloween 2012

The party turned out awesome.  You can see all the pics at VDye69's Flickr stream:
and jenthies (pinkleader)'s Flickr stream:

LJ is being a little *expletive deleted* and refusing to upload my pictures (not to mention refusing to give me any html love, but that could just be me being stupid), so please check them all out.  A lot of the decorative clothing and stuff was mine, culled from my house.  The robot and the bicycle were made by Bob (they are really cool, too), I made the birdcage and printed up half of the posters, Harv and Vic made the "airship" insides, the steering wheel, and half the posters, and Vic corralled everything into being, as we followed her vision to create the steam airship Hypatia.

This is me and my cabinet of curiosities.  I have a lot of odd things in my studio and house.
steampunk 1
I love the boots I'm wearing.  They're made in the Victorian fashion, no zipper, only lacing, and all leather.  They are an utter bitch to get on and off, though.  And they're slippery as hell on the carpet.  Also, I was having some vertigo issues, so the cane isn't entirely for show.

Everyone looked utterly amazing.  Please, do check out the pictures!  As LJ gets its act back together again, I'll share some of my favourites.  Right now, I need my nap.
Tags: costume, fun, good times, happiness, steampunk

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