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OMG, *heaven*!

I spent the early part of this evening sitting on our little scrap of deck, watching four bunnies nibbling and playing right by my feet.  Before I went out, two of them had climbed on the deck to investigate it (they often spend the night in burrows underneath).  They're young, I think last winter's babies.  We have a tiny one in the front courtyard, but I've only caught sight of it once.  Anyway, bunnies around my feet, playing.  Very Disney.

Also, because of the heat, we've been putting out a shallow dish of water for the vultures, since the usual spring they sip from is dry this time of year.  They had been skirting it, but today I saw one of the juveniles and one of the adults at it, the adult teaching the juvenile how to drink.  The juveniles are roosting tonight in one of our black walnuts, instead of the coop.  I don't know if it's their first night out, but it's still very new to them - it took them quite a while to find a perch they weren't falling out of.

I swear, this place is making it very hard to not tame the wildlife and get them used to me, since it seems they have no real fear of humans.  They won't let me touch them, of course (though there's one with a tick on the back of its neck, and I *really* want to remove it!), but if I don't move much, they ignore me completely.

Pictures tomorrow - the connection is slow tonight.

Bunnies.  I had bunnies happily playing, taking dust baths, and eating clover less than 10 feet away from me as I sat outside.
Tags: farm, wildlife

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