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bleagh *snort*

I'm still sick - I have some sinus gunk going on, and I've had an elevated temperature for almost two seeks.  This is highly unusual for me - I never get a high temperature, since I'm on mega doses of ibuprofen, along with my painkillers.  But I'm loopy and feel like a wrung out dish rag.

Thanks to everyone who said such nice things about our clothes - I had some amusing moments when doing the men's clothing class, because I had to keep pointing out that Bob's outfit should be wool, not linen, and everyone in Drachenwald (well, a lot of y'all, anyway) not only makes their clothes out of wool, they hand-sew everything.  I felt I was preaching to the choir!  My only plus was the points, since Bob's nice blue doublet is pointed with pretty white ribbons (that I totally have to replace - they're looking pretty ragged), and people were less familiar with Elizabethan points (as opposed to 14th/15th century points on men's hose).

I am so loopy!  I've been playing with some steampunk things for a halloween party we're going to (and helping decorate, since I haven't done a theme party since Bob's 59th birthday), as I'm afraid my embroidery is going to go to hell since I can't focus my eyes properly, and I can't keep any concentration going for more than five minutes.  So, apologies, and I'll slap some pictures up soon.  I'm on antibiotics, so hopefully it will clear up before I start decorating the vulture coop, or something.

I just put my new steampunked goggles on my model of a female skull (it's an artist's model Bob got me years ago, and it normally lives in my studio) since all my styrofoam heads are still with the people that brought them to Ruby Joust for me.  I think they look pretty snappy, but it could just be the drugs talking.


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Jun. 14th, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
Feel better!

I'm sure the vultures would love your decorating.
Jun. 14th, 2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
Feel! Better!
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