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Double Wars (finally)

I'm back, we're back.  We got back just over a week ago, but we both got quite ill as soon as we got home, so posting wasn't really my first priority.  We got some sort of respiratory infection, and we're both still feeling the effects.

But Double Wars was awesome!  Seriously, if any of you haven't been, if you get a chance to go, do it!  I had an amazing time.  Everyone was friendly, welcoming, and just wonderful.  And that was with me being a whiny thing for the first couple of days, since we had a bad trip over, and by the time we got there, I hadn't slept in about 36 hours.

Mistress Katheryn "do you know you're dressed as a prostitute?" Hebenstreiz and Mistress Helena "is that seam on purpose?" von Sitz are now Attack Laurels, free to rain darkness and despair on all Drachenwald. The Finnish Fan Club have been provided a shirt with which to make idols.  Lia de Thornegge took many, many wonderful pictures (Lia's photos), and so did Mistress Katheryn (Katheryn's photos).  Unfortunately, I can't seem to get LJ to upload any images right now, so my favourites will have to wait for the next post.

I do love this one:
me, in my embroidered shift. I just love the way it looks, and I'm not usually a fan of pictures of me - I think I look weird.

And this one:
Us in our finery. We dressed up for the Thursday Banquet, and the starched cuffs and collar turned out perfectly. They behaved like champions in the moist, cool Swedish spring air, and didn't droop at all. I did discover, though, that eating in the collar is harder than it looks. Bob eventually made me wear my napkin like a bib.

Also, Katheryn got this good one:
Apparently, people seem to lose their contact lenses around me. I don't know what it is...

M. Katheryn's protege (I'm going to spell this wrong) Orsa, and her husband, Ludwig, made our lives so much easier, I can't ever thank them enough.  No, really; they found extra blankets for us to pad our mattresses, provided all the feast gear, towels, sheets, and were friendly, patient, and welcoming.  And Ludwig looks like my brother, which was highly entertaining for me every time I caught a glimpse of him from the corner of my eye.

Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go to Double Wars, take it.  We left with so many new friends, and happy, happy memories.
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