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Wild Times at Dogwood Farm...

Actually, you're going to get two posts, because all the things that have been going on deserve a mention (mostly my ever-abundant wildlife), and I want to to the "how-to" post and tag it so people don't have to wade through a bunch of "wildlife" tags to find it.

First, the wildlife:

We have two rabbits, and they have learned to play "poing!" (pinkleader will recognize this game immediately).  One rabbit runs at the other, and the second rabbit leaps in the air so fast we can't get a good photo of it, but we did get a blurry one that will give you the idea:

(Admittedly, Bob had a hard time keeping the camera still because I was making very high squeaky noises the whole time.)

We have also caught the rabbits doing other nefarious things:

(I wondered where all my birdseed was going.)

It's not just been the rabbit, either:

Yup.  Skunks.  We have at least two of them.  I've left the feeder where it is, but we haven't seen them recently.  However, a short while ago, two of my potted things on the back porch were mostly killed when something went rooting through them for ants.

The vulture chicks are coming along well - they've tripled in size in a couple of short weeks, and though they hate me with a passion (one hissed and tried to peck me when I got too close, which was indescribably cute), they've stayed still long enough for pictures:

Last week...

...and this week:

The adults really recognize that we live here now - when we come outside and they're on the roof, they'll make a chuffing "oof!" grunting-type noise (black vultures do not have vocal cords).  It's like they're saying hello.

...More likely, "crap!  They're outside again!  Hide the kids!".

The little ones have been a bit shell-shocked this last week - we had a number of people up to work on the fort, and I showed the babies to people, and let Vic in to take professional-level photos.  They've spent the last week huddled behind the trough, but they'll get bolder as they get bigger, and learn from the parents that we're not going to eat them or harm them.  Again, black vultures are protected (as "migratory" birds) in VA, and so I can't play with them too much, or let them become tame.  I'm aiming for peaceful co-existence.

Finally, one of our fine fort workers came up to the house with a little reptile find:

A teeny-tiny little thing, I think it was actually liking the warmth of her hand, since it seemed in no hurry to leave, and as you can see, actually tied itself in a knot around her thumb.  It was a very chilly day. 

We like snakes.

Anyway, that's our wildlife.

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