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I'm swearing to myself that I'll sit down and write an actual post before I leave for Double Wars, but I've been running errands all morning, and I'm exhausted.

It looks like I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism (my antibodies are positive), but since my hormone levels are still within the normal range, they'll check on me in 6 months.  Personally, I'd prefer to see if a little bit of hormone replacement will stop my hair falling out and my skin doing a creditable imitation of a crocodile, but I can wait for the next checkup to whine at them.  It's not a big deal - 3-5% of the population has it, and it's perfectly manageable.  It has to go untreated for an extremely long time to get to the "fall down/coma/death" stage.

Anyway, once I've got my act together, I have a fun post on starching standing ruffs with potato starch.  I have pictures, even.  I promise I'll post it before we leave on Thursday.  After that, I'm getting my Swedish freak on, and embarking on the Attack Laurel World Tour (scheduled stops:  Geneva, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Denmark - both just passing through -  then:  Tyringe, Sweden, and London England.  It's a small-ish world tour, but I'm told I'm big in Europe).
Tags: double wars!, excitement, tired

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