attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Vultures in all their cuteness!

I have achieved vulture domination documentation!

This was the pic I got two days ago:

As you can see, proof they were actually hatched, but hissing little vulture rumps does not generally amount to much picture-wise.

Yesterday, I actually had to climb into the coop and stand next to the three of them to get this one.  Mama was not happy, but on the other hand, she didn't throw up on me, so it's almost like I'm one of the family, if you think about it.  Maybe the aunt that only visits every now and then, and always forgets to bring presents.

They'll spend most of their time asleep for the next couple of days, snuggled under Mom's chest.  I'm leaving them alone today, because it's cold, and I don't want to stress them every day.  I do want to get to the stage where they will accept me being near them without completely freaking out, and I'm getting a lot closer with the adults:

...You can also see my hair's getting a bit longer.  (If anyone cares.)

In other wildlife fun, we have a pair of skunks that have been stealing my birdseed, so now I know why my compost heap never seems to get very big; it's a skunk buffet.

theodorad, I'd love to put in a vulture cam, but our internet is finicky and also has a limit on how much we can upload without incurring major fees, so it will have to be photos for now.  If the various ISPs ever get their act together and provide decent coverage in this county, I'll put one in, since I hope to have vultures living here for years.  For now, it will have to be pictures, which I will try to be good about providing regularly.

In sewing news, since we all know I do sew (remember?), I just finished sewing new lace on my standing collar and cuffs.  Once I've got it all starched and looking good, I'll post a compare and contrast with the different laces (the first was modern machine lace, the new ones are machine made bobbin laces from the 1920s).

Tags: sewing, vultures

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