attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

small critters!

We went out today to look at how the daffodil naturalization programme is going on in our woods (very well, as it turns out), and Bob found this little one:

Say hello to the Eastern Red Bat, about the size of a mouse, and habitue of leaves and bushes.  They don't roost in clumps, according to my book, but prefer a solitary life moving from tree to tree in search of insects.  At one point, Bob pulled the branch down a little lower so we could maybe get a better picture but it started stirring (and looked at me with its little beady black and oh-so-cute eyes!), so we left it alone.

It's roost today was in a beech tree, at the end of a branch, about 8 feet up.

Had to resist urge to cuddle.  Bat bitey.  Not good.

But cute!

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