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Mind Bits

I was going to scan a great cover from the May 1941 cover of Popular Mechanics that I picked up last weekend, but my scanner is acting up, and I can't right now.

Instead, I'm packing for Atlantian 12th Night, and we'll be doing the Gardiner's store there.  We now take credit cards!  We've got a nice selection of knitted and sewn goods, and of course, Lost Cause's Christmas Album.  LC is having their release party at 12th Night (well, those of us that will be there), and people are welcome to stop by.

In other news, we ordered a new bed frame for the spare room, but it turned out the measurements in the catalog were very, very inaccurate, and the bed is much too big.  This is a sad thing, since I really liked the bed.  *pouty face*

I've been on a random steam-punk kick since Christmas, since Bob got me a cool book of SP creations, and a friend wants to have an SP Halloween party, which requires a bit of time to build anything really cool (like Bob made an awesome cardboard full-size Dalek ice-bucket for one of his birthday parties, once).  I've also been fantasizing about making my eventual studio, which was always going to be like a Victorian folly with a conservatory attached, into a steam-punk studio, which will mean anything I make for a party will have a permanent home.  My studio right now is a bit too full of unpacked boxes to be anything, but a lot of the things in it have a very "mad scientist" vibe, and it's only a little bit of creative work to push it over the edge into SP.

I love Victorian things anyway.  Bob got me this chair for my birthday, and it goes very well with the small campaign desk that will be in our library.  That and pretty much everything from the Victorian Trading Company, and I'll be a happy camper. 
Tags: presents, random, steam punk

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