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updatey-type thingies

Whoo!  I've been kind of laying low over the holidays, having some time for presents and good things.

Lost Cause got our songs on the radio - 89.5FM, Hampton Roads has a program called Acoustic Highway, and they played "Song for a Winter's Night and "Bleak Midwinter" last Sunday (Christmas day) and the Sunday before that they played "Song for a Winter's Night". It was terribly exciting, to actually be on the radio, even though our stereo couldn't pick it up, and our internet does not allow us to stream radio for longer than about 5 minutes at a time without panicking and hiccuping. We got to hear a little bit of it in pieces, though.  They supposedly have a playlist option where you can select a date and see what was played and click a link to buy it, but they don't have either date up yet. 

If you haven't bought our album (either one), you can buy them on i-Tunes and Amazon, and check us out on Facebook.

I had a very good Christmas (since that's the Day When I Get Presents), first opening our gifts to each other, then dinner with friends.  I hope everyone is having a good End of Fiscal Fourth Quarter, no matter what you do or don't worship. 

Myself, I've been re-reading Lovecraft, and I'm considering converting to Steampunk Cthulhu.  It's classy, It's ancient, and It's really cute when rendered as a sock monster. There aren't many religions you can say that about, right?  Ftaghn!

(image from Squid Bits! by Jess Bradley.)


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Dec. 30th, 2011 04:16 am (UTC)
I actually heard the first broadcast. I live in Hampton and had seen Pink's Facebook post so I knew to listen for it. How very exciting for you guys:)
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