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Put the who in the what, now?


As John Stewart points out, Christmas was banned in the early Massachusetts colonies, and Christmas as a holiday was so unimportant to the founding members of Congress that for years they met on Christmas day and worked.  In England during this same period, Christmas was unfashionable, and only "peasants" participated in 12th Night celebrations.  Dickens created what we think of as "Christmas", with a heaping helping of assistance from Prince Albert, who brought that most pagan of symbols, the Christmas tree, over from his native Germany.

Macy's created the modern USian Christmas, with presents, Santa Claus (helped by Coca-Cola dressing him and fixing him in everyone's minds as a white-haired pervert who liked having children on his lap), and their parade, which is only fun if something gets loose.  Animal Crackers added the traditional little white string on their cookie boxes because an executive at the company had the brilliant idea of marketing them as something one could hang on the Christmas tree.

In London, when I was a child, we didn't even get our tree until a couple of days before Christmas day, and it came down on January 6th, come hell or high water (since superstition dictates that you will receive both if you leave the decorations up longer than that). I'm actually very annoyed at the whole "war on Christmas" shenanigans, because this country was built on religious freedoms, not the demand that everyone be the same religion (and those people practicing those religions so adamantly can't even agree amongst themselves which one is "right").  I left a country with a declared national religion, and even there, they don't demand that everyone adhere to it.  No-one has a hissy about "happy holidays", either.  I mean, really, it's ridiculous when the dominant religion in the US, whose members have made unprecedented forays into politics, and demanded that all women adhere to their religious beliefs, and all gay people adhere to their religious beliefs, and actually succeeded in laws being effected to that end, whine that they're being oppressed because everyone isn't required to say "Merry Christmas", whether they celebrate it or not.

Fucking cheek.  And their knowledge of history is about as good as their intentions regarding anyone who isn't a straight white Christian man.  The thing is, there hasn't been a "Christ" in Christmas for almost 170 years.  It's always been about the presents, the decorations, and the big fat goose.

(Though I find This rather hilarious, in a dark way; putting the "CHRIST!!!!!" back in Christmas the best way they know how.)
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