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Performing Feminity for the sheer joy of it.

This site finally made me get up off my butt and dye my hair.  Seriously, I was up to almost two inches of roots.  This living in the country thing is getting out of hand.  First it's jean capris and do rags, and those look super cute, especially with the Jackie O-type sunglasses I have (Ralph Lauren, bitchez.  Actually, mine are cuter, and more retro, but they're last season. Bought, of course, at Loehman's, because this chick does not pay retail, especially designer retail, good God, y'all). 

But then - then, the whole "being in the country" thing sets in.  First, it's boot-cut jeans to the doctor's office.  Then, leggings (leggings!) to the store.  I'm not saying I can't carry them off, of course, but before you know it, the roots are two inches long, and I can't remember the last time I wore a cool pair of heels.

And shoes are Art, y'all.  One should never lose one's taste for adorable shoes, no matter what one's taste (flats, platforms, wedges, even sneakers).  Shoes are a statement, even when that statement is "I got these for $5 to wear while putting up my tent at Pennsic, but they're super-comfortable, so now I keep them by the door for whenever I need to dash outside.  Cool, huh?".  In that spirit, when I saw these little darlings, I went right ahead and ordered a pair.

I'm always in need of cool shoes to go with my vintage clothes that aren't actually vintage, and therefore incredibly delicate.  That's what I tell myself, anyway.  The truth is, shoes are a deep love of mine, along with anything 1940-50s retro/vintage, and that's enough.  For me (I know, I'm weird), shoes really are an art form, not just a funny joke to tell when I'm justifying yet another pair of Steve Madden 3" Mary Janes.  Shoes will always fit me, no matter my hip size.  I am lucky enough to be able to wear heels (and I know I'm lucky!), so I do so.

All this is a long roundabout way of saying I'm traveling up to Winterthur next week with a bunch of friends, and I'm packing heels.  I know which ones I can wear for a museum tour - hell, I know which pair I can wear for an unexpected walk around the entire historical district of Philadelphia.*  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I grew up thinking I wasn't beautiful, so being impeccably dressed had to suffice.  Now I'm older and wiser, and I've realized I just really, really love cute clothes.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Plimoth Jacket in its case - I haven't seen it since the "unveiling" reception at Plimoth.

*When my brother said "lunch", I dressed accordingly.  I should know better.
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