attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

No more food!

I am exhausted.

I have cooked all day for Jamestown Foods and Feasts, and I have Banbury tarts (with enough for everyone to have one as well as display), roasted duck, roasted parsnips and turnips (roasted in the duck fat!), pease pudding, and game pie.  I would have had little game pies, but the suet pastry crust turned ugly on me, so Bob had the filling from a couple of them for dinner.

I swear, I greased the everlovin' poop out of those tart tins, and it still stuck like glue.  I'm not using that recipe again.

I also have gammon slices, cheese, bread, butter, and I need to dig out my dried fruit and nuts and sugar.  I have all the silver, and Bob has packed it all up (love Bob!), and we're ready to leave tomorrow for two days of fun and frolic in the 17th century, long before Thanksgiving was a twinkle in a Victorian woman's eye.

Not that that will stop people from constantly asking if this is the governor's "thanksgiving dinner".

But the cooking is done, and since I made a backup game pie out of regular pastry (I never try something new without making a backup), I have a nice game pie.  If anyone wants the recipe, I'll try to write it out, but I made some modifications, and didn't really measure terribly closely.  Thankfully, it's a very forgiving filling.

Anyway, that's me done and prepared.  Tomorrow will be packing and traveling.

Speaking of living history, Plimoth Plantation had a fire in their village when a chimney caught fire.  Fortunately no-one was hurt, but the house is damaged beyond repair.  If anyone wants to, they are accepting donations to rebuild here.  Insurance will cover some of it, but not the entire replacement costs.  I know there's a lot of people asking for help this holiday season, so don't feel obligated, but I love everyone up there, and I thought I'd pass this along in case it reaches someone who wouldn't otherwise hear about it, but would like to help.  Thanks.
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