attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Fun Times!

I had an *awesome* weekend.  I assume pinkleader has posted pics to her Facebook, and I'm afraid we didn't get pics of her cuteness on my camera, but here's me and lisettelaroux:

That's Miss Thang in her steampunk:  My blouse and petticoat, her skirt design.  Super cute!  Note goggles hanging off her skirt.  :)

And here's me - this is the steampunk outfit I wore to CostumeCon a couple of years back, with a black blouse, and different boots, paired with a totally awesome leather corset.  My coat is off so I can show off the corset, both with and without belt:

That thing was laced *tight*.  The only problem was that it popped a couple of bones out the bottom seam halfway through the night - the bones are a little too long.  I'll fix that by replacing the bones.  The corset was an experimental floor model, so I got it discounted, and I'm okay with a few little easy to fix problems.

But I had an incredibly great time, and it's taking me a couple of days to recover.
Tags: costume, friends, good times, happiness

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