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Pictures Post!

But first, read this blog. She's awesome.  And progressive, feminist, brilliant, and transgender.  Her writing on matters political, personal, and cultural, is spellbinding, and points out things to consider that aren't pointed out elsewhere.  She doesn't write often, but she can also be found hanging out in the comments at SadlyNo! (link in sidebar), and she's just as brilliant there.  I know I'm sounding fangirly, but I love finding a blog that's sincerely worth reading.

Anyway, pictures.  As the seasons have been changing, I have been taking pictures of the farm.  Some of these pictures I have already blogged about, but here's the evidence:

Baby bunny, startled by the trimmer:

(it was fine; and so very, very soft.)

Vultures, learning how to fly:

(That's the baby, with wings outspread.  They've grown, and moved on.  We'll see the parents again next spring, if all goes well.)

We cleared the trash trees on one side of the house to put in our orchard and garden beds:

And the morning glories took over!

(They ended up growing all over everything, which I didn't mind, since the hummingbirds love them.)

Our big picture windows sometimes confuse the birds, and we had a little one knock himself out for a minute or two:

(Not to worry: he was just fine, and flew off when I went out to check on him.)

Finally, for the first time this season, I'm seeing praying mantises.  We saw two, just today, and here's one:

I love this picture.

Happy weekend, everyone - it's a busy one for us!  University, then recording on Sunday, then mixing on Monday, with a rehearsal Friday night.  All my stuff is gathered together, but I've got typical "day before big stuff" jitters, and I'm sure my sleep tonight will be a reprise of last night, where I finally got up when I walked in on the guy showering in the blood of the torso hanging above him.  I don't know why my brain comes up with this stuff (it wasn't even a nightmare!); it just does.

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