attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

*brain explody*

So, what's on my schedule?

Well, we'll be at Atlantian Coronation (pssst, bring your stuff for display! There's a dress accessories competition that's through 1420, but you know what?  The display would look cool with some more dress accessories of any period!  What do we all wear?  Accessorize!).

(It's all about the accessories.)

And I'll be teaching at Atlantian University in October.  Middle-class clothing for men and women (two classes), and how to do Elizabethan hair.  Bob is teaching Creative Event Planning - he's rather good at that.  :)

And we're recording next weekend, hoping to lay down most if not all of our Lost Cause Christmas Album.  May be coming to stores near you by Christmas. 

After that, I'm not thinking about anything for a bit.  Oh, yeah, we'll be selling stuff at Holiday Faire, and we're doing Jamestown for Thanksgiving - Foods and Feasts, wherein I pack up all my silver plate and do a huge display of food in the Governor's House.  Some day, I'll get to do it in the new Governor's house, which will be awesome.

And I have a garden and orchard to put in this fall.  And we're hosting an Elizabethan muster on Veteran's Day weekend at our house (it's a Gardiner's thing). 

And my brain is fried.  I've been going through all my boxes of books for pictures for the handouts for the classes (because there's not just a class, there's a handout, and I do not skimp on my handouts), and there's a particular book I can't find (yet), and the house is a mess, and I have guests coming for coronation. 

Tags: house, state of the me, tired

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