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Back from Pennsic

So, thanks to a broken washer, none of our laundry is done, but because we're retired, it's not a disaster, even though once it's fixed (next Monday), I have epic amounts of laundry.  Bob is going out to the local laundromat tomorrow with a load of essentials, but the rest can wait.

Best Pennsic ever, srsly.  Highlights, bulleted for my convenience:

*I am teaching at Double Wars in Sweden next May (amadejska , I'll e-mail you tomorrow with classes and everything!)
*My friends are THE BEST FRIENDS EVER.
*Frog and Toad are Friends.
*The tent did not leak on anything irreplaceable, despite the episodic torrential rain.
*The episodic torrential rain did not cause any issues, and mostly happened while we were sleeping.
*I have a Finnish fan club (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!).
*"Who's that prat with the sombrero?".
*"I say." "Rather."  "Quite."
*"Trickle-down frogenomics".
*Singing (Lost Cause!  Whoo!). 
*Bob making Cuan go purple with laughter.
*New Laurel Checklist (Hi, Chris!).
*Saints and Bob - "exercising the frogs?".
*Air-Captain Biggles and the Toad Squadron.
*Getting all the canvas packed before the rain (and before noon!).
*V'Ermine - the bestest camp and the bestest camp-mates ever.

There was so much, and it's still all reeling around in my head.  Two weeks went by so quickly, it seemed like one (except for my body complaining about no sofa).  The weather was hot the first week, but really, it was great.  No mud pits, no loss of life, and I managed not to get sunburnt.  My protege Brian won the Cadets Tournament against 72 other cadets/freescholars (Arghylle came second), and I'm super proud of him.  I got to hang out with my peeps at Reconstructing History (best embroidery patterns evah, you guys, rilly), and even had a "meet the designer" day, which went great.

It was an amazing, amazing Pennsic, and so relaxed.  I am happy, even confronted with a pile of work (who says retirement is relaxing?!) and laundry. 

Photos from theodorad .

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