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Pennsic bound, once again

Well, this is the first year we've ever been able to go to Pennsic for two whole weeks.  And we've been packing.

We leave Sunday; tomorrow we're going to do our traditional pre-Pennsic last-minute shopping and a movie, and Saturday will be spent packing.

Actually, about three hours of Saturday will be spent packing the truck - we've staged everything, already packed in bags and boxes, in the library (well, it will be a library in about a year's time; right now it's a room painted red with a nice view of the courtyard).  Bob is very good at visualizing spaces, so it shouldn't take too long to pack up, and this year we have the delightful absence of any stairs when it comes to packing.  When we lived in the apartment, we had two flights of stairs to go up and down, and up and down, and up and down.  Exhausting.

We'll be with our usual people, Vair and Ermine, and we'll be somewhere on Battle Road, between the merchants and the North Gate.  We're always on the side that backs up against the road, and we have a sign - we're easy to find.  So, if you feel like it, come on by - I'm glad to chat, to show off my embroidery (yes, I'm bringing it - I've got a week of exquisite leisure to fill), my beautifully decorated tent, or my undeniable skill at talking about nothing and everything at the same time.  I can also dish, but I'm not sure who'd be interested in gossip about which hummingbird is chasing off all the others at the feeder (we call him "Buzz", thanks to pinkleader , who named him over the Lost Cause practice weekend), and what the vulture babies have been up to.

Actually there's a little bit of gossip for those of you who bought our album "Lost Cause:  Lookin' for an E" (thank you - for those of you who have not bought it yet and would like to, I'll have a few copies with me at Pennsic):  We're finally working on Chinese Democracy our Christmas album.  We've got some of it already in the can (okay, on the computer; sue me for being old-fashioned, it's why I like the SCA), and we'll be hopefully recording the rest of it in September/October, and really, really trying to get it out in time for the Christmas season.  When we do, I'll let y'all know how to buy it.

It's going to be a mix of traditional holiday music (our motto is "four centuries of entertainment"), and a little something... extra.  You'll love it.

Bob and I are bringing all our instruments and music to Pennsic, and Friday of War week is when we traditionally (we've done it three times now, it's a tradition) get together in the Vair and Ermine common tent to have a little sing-around and impromptu bardic circle, and anyone who wants is invited (as long as you don't sing any Flanders and Swann; it's a personal deep abiding hatred thing of mine).  But any free evening is music time, as far as we're concerned; if you're really lucky, you'll hear one of us practicing on our new purchase, practice Uilleann pipes.  So far, we've learned one song:  "Dying Cat at Even-Tide".

(Bob was just reading over my shoulder; he says "it'd be funnier if it wasn't true".)

But, we also have a harp (me), guitar (Bob), mandolin (me), concertina* (me), and a lot of great songs.  The reason we're bringing them all is that we have to practice them a bit, since the LCXA (Lost Cause Christmas Album) has us playing actual instruments on it.  This is causing me some trepidation and excitement at the same time.
I'll also be keeping my written journal at Pennsic, and I promise to write down anything funny I think up, and then pass it on to y'all when I get back.  I admit, I've been writing in my paper journal more and writing here less, but as always, I'm striving to change that and get the thoughts on paper back to the thoughts on the screen.  I have actually had some good ideas to write about, but wouldn't you know it, the intarwebs connection always manages to die on me at the worst time.  I've also shame-facedly realized that the reason I wrote every day was because I was stuck in front of a computer for six hours every day, and frequently shirked my work writing to write about more fun stuff to you guys.  Now, sitting down at the computer means getting up from my embroidery, or my gardening, or my vulture/hummingbird/bunny/deer-watching and working.  It's fun work, but I have too many distractions. 

Well, for the next two weeks, I'll have much more free time to write up snarky things that I can then transcribe with minimal effort to you.  Fun!

That pretty much does it for me, I think - I'd love to see people at Pennsic, and don't be worried if it feels awkward or intimidating to come up and say hi - I don't bite, and I'm not too terrible to chat with.  Come armed with a subject to talk about, and I'll happily talk your ear off. 

Don't worry, I have glue to put it back on again.  I always come prepared.

Ans I'll see you back here in just over two weeks.  'Til that wonderful time, here's a couple of pictures of my bunnies, and the scarf I knitted in May, which I think I forgot to post pictures of:

My darling bunnies.  I'm sure I'll feel entirely differently about them once I start my vegetable gardens, but right now, they're not doing any harm.  They're quite bold - they won't run until I get quite close - and they love to flop down in the cool grass at the end of a hot day.  Once or twice, I've even caught them napping, but I've never managed to have the camera on hand!


This is the scarf; it's knitted with a double yarn-over stitch, which I had just learned to do.  Ridiculously simple, but new to me, I was rather pleased with myself for learning it.  Mind you, I also learned that I can't read something complicated and wordy (like, oh, say Neil Stephenson's Anathem) and knit this stitch at the same time.  Let's just call the pattern idiosyncratic and leave it at that.

*Yes, the concertina is not a period instrument, being invented in the early 19th century.  But it's a cool instrument, and I like to play it, especially because I can make Darth Vader noises on it.
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