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So, as I've mentioned more than once before, I have vultures.  I finally got the pictures reduced and uploaded.

Our vultures like to stand at the highest points of the area, getting a good look around (apparently, this also means keeping an eye out for intruders, based on recent events).  We sometimes get to see them keeping watch:

*snort*  They're always funny.  And curious, though cautious - they love to perch on the roof, much to Bob's dismay.  When we're in the sitting room, we sometimes see a vulture swoop up and past the windows really close, and then hear a "thump!" as they land on the roof.

Our babies, who are now gangly teenagers, spend a lot of their day looking at the world from their window.  As you can see, the chicken coop has seen better days, but the vultures love it so much, they've nested in it three years running.  If our internet was a hell of a lot more reliable, I would so set up "vulturecam" inside.

The babies are nothing, if not cautious.  Here, you can see the ring of fluff around their heads; they'll lose that in the next few months.  Right now, it's the only way we can tell the juveniles from the adults, because they're all the same size (well, that and the adults don't almost fall off the tree branches when they try to scratch their heads).

They're still pretty clumsy; it's hilarious watching them try to land somewhere, realize there is no way they're going to make it, and abort at the last second.  They always look slightly abashed.

Finally, the vulture love:

One of the adults almost always ends up sitting with the babies in the window; it's a squeeze, but they all snuggle together.

And then, the parent grooms the babies. 

It's so gentle and loving - if more people saw how caring black vultures are as parents, I'm sure they'd have a much better reputation.  The black vultures spend a lot of time teaching their chicks how to fly, then how to forage for food.  The parent won't stop teaching the babies for at least another couple of months.
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